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Unique road reflectors appeared on the Dmitrov highway

On Dmitrovsky highway (34 km and 320 km + 59 + 320) installed new road reflectors to enhance visibility rope fences KD-5 “Comp CABLE” and CD-6 “360”.

The product was made by “AIR Highway” at the request of PKU “Tsentravtomagistral”, and has been installed on those road segments where the highest number of road accidents. Reflectors themselves were created by the Center for technological development.

Company “AIR Highway” is confident that the new equipment have a positive impact on reducing the number of accidents: reflectors have a large retroreflective surface and solid construction that is resistant to extreme temperatures and do not corrode. Furthermore, KD-5 “Comp CABLE” and CD-6 “360” is absolutely safe for a vehicle, in contact with them vehicle does no damage.