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Traffic lights “AIR Highway” will help fans get to the matches of the Confederations Cup

On one of the busiest streets of St. Petersburg – Ligovsky Prospekt – established three autonomous mobile traffic and mobile information boards produced by “AIR Highway”. The devices are used for temporary traffic flow regulation: in kicked off the Confederations Cup football, so that traffic lights will help the buses with the fans, following the matches, to travel freely with a dedicated public transport band into the mainstream.

Stand-alone traffic lights of “AIR Highway” is used to organize reverse motion, and to restrict the pedestrian zones close to areas where road works or cultural events such as the Olympics, concerts, football matches. All traffic lights are connected by a system of Traffic Air Net, which can be controlled with the remote control, and via the website. During the calibration process, each traffic light is adjusted to a certain period of operation. If one or more of the traffic lights is required to increase the duration of the red or green light (for example, in the morning or evening, depending on the flux density in one direction or another), then all this can be done through a special program for a few minutes.

Furthermore, autonomous traffic lights “AIR Backbone” successfully operate in adverse weather conditions: thanks to the integrated light sensor, Automatic Traffic adjusts itself luminescence brightness signal thus lights well visible to drivers on road sections with reversible motion.

Mobile LED information display “AIR Highway” designed for real time text message informing drivers about traffic conditions on the road, depending on the traffic intensity. This accident, and weather information, and the road works on the construction, repair or maintenance, and direction of the visitors of cultural events for the most comfortable routes. Through the use of LEDs, mobile display variable information clearly visible at any time of the day.