8 (800) 500-5214 Free in Russia
8 (495) 540-5214 For Moscow
8 (812) 643-4391 for St. Petersburg

Reconstruction of the road section M-10 “Russia” at 445 km

September 1, 2015 445 km section of highway M-10 on the bridge over the river was equipped Kholova products “AIR Magistral”. In this segment of road deliniatory “COMP” it has been established in connection with the reconstruction of that inform drivers about the dangerous area and separate streams of cars. Also, these devices help drivers to better navigate in the dark.

This area is equipped with mobile supports for temporary road signs, which are placed on the pulse signs with light “Detour obstacles” and “direction of rotation” 1.34 Production “AIR Highway” and the sign “Road works”.

Due to the installed radar radar “COMP-RADAR” vehicle drivers slow speed. the greatest danger zone for the builders shielded metal railings for the FBC and traffic signal flags CD-6 with an autonomous system warning light “COMP-SIGNAL”.

Highway M-10 “Russia” – main road of federal significance on the territory of Russia. Starts in Moscow, goes through the major cities Tver and Novgorod the Great and ends in St. Petersburg. Is part of European route E 105. The length of the route – 706 km.