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Reconstruction of the federal highway M-2 “Crimea” with “AIR Magistral” company

In May 2015 the company “AIR Magistral” took an active part in the development of the M-2 “Crimea” 33-34 km and 41-42 km in areas of roadworks.

The beginning of each of the sites are equipped with mobile supports for temporary road signs, which are placed on the pulse signs with light “Detour obstacles” and “direction of rotation” 1.34 Production “AIR Highway” and the sign “Road works”.

the greatest danger zone for the builders isolated metal fencing for FBS with mounted lights “COMP-100”, which allow to better navigate in the dark.

In areas of roadworks on the highway M-2 installed KD6 flags and signal bars with restraint “Comp 2”, allowing drivers to pre-identify the dangerous road sections.

Also to indicate the entrance to the dangerous places of the road and the edge of the road used deliniatory “COMP” production company “AIR Magistral”.

Production Company “AIR Magistral” is very popular in the areas of road works, as it has a number of advantages in comparison with other devices: reusability, ease of installation, mounting divergent, mobility and aesthetics.