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Products “AIR Highway” was demonstrated on the highway M4 “Don”

As part of the State Company “Avtodor” round table on road safety in the city of Voronezh (2-3 July 2015), at the point of charge on the road M4 “Don” (km. 515), the participants were shown cars emergency commissioners, equipped with a complex of means of production “AIR Magistral”, to ensure safety in the field of accidents and other emergency situations. 

The complex is: 

– the dynamic display with LED indication and VMS mounted on the vehicle roof and translated from transport to working position automatically by a signal from the operator control panel; 

– a device that mimics the radar radiation such as “Arrow”, to proactively inform drivers about the dangerous area; 

– a set of signs and cones to divert traffic. 

All of the above equipment is easily installed and dismantled on the road section of one person.