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Products “AIR Highway” on highway A-121 helps drivers to better focus on the road

Signal flags CD-6 and signaling traffic bollards-3 “COMP” production “AIR Highway” were installed on the federal highway A-121 “Sortavala” (New Priozerskoye highway). New Priozerskoye highway starts from the Ring Road interchange on the continuation pr. Engels. Then the road goes up Animal Farm, partially coinciding with the old road P-33, and then extends to Cerro Animal Farm. 

Flags signaling the CD-6 were mounted on barrier protection type “New Jersey” on “Sortavala” the road to improve the visual orientation of drivers at night and in low visibility on the road.

Signaling traffic bollards-3 installed on the road A-121 in order to provide road users ease of orientation in the dark. The flexible design of the case of the column “comp” ensures his return to the upright position after being run over by his vehicle.