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Placard speed M-4 “don”

On the road M-4 “Don” appeared the next innovative development of “AIR Highway”: a 71-kilometer highway sign installed feedback to the driver – board “Speed ​​Control” with a GSM module.

The primary purpose of the scoreboard – visual alert drivers about the actual speed of the car. With built trohsektsionnoy LED matrix consisting of high-brightness LEDs red and green colors, none of the drivers will be left in the dark!

feedback sign “speed control” the driver is able to determine the fastest speed and / or target from the most proximal group. It is responsible for multitasking GSM module – unique “fighter” of the software, the ability to collect and analyze the figures, build charts and graphs.

For example, it can calculate the average speed during the day, which later will be issued (for convenience) in a beautiful diagram average speed values ​​vehicles broken bounds. If you need to know the percentage of over-speeding – GSM module is at your service with another detailed diagram.

All received in the course of the statistics module sends a so-called “cloud» AIR CLOUD (a novelty in the field of road safety), where all the data carefully and securely stored for as long as you need.