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Over 100 pedestrian crossings equipped products “AIR Magistral”

Unregulated pedestrian crossing in the central Russian roads were equipped with devices “AIR Magistral”. At more than 100 sites in December last year established a comprehensive solution, including a number of engineering and technical equipment: the L-shaped supports, traffic transport T.7. “Combo” with power backup system and road “COMP-sign” from an internal LED production “AIR Magistral”, which are specifically designed to attract additional attention to the drivers of vehicles.

Complete plants were: 
– on the road M-5 “Ural” Moscow – Ryazan – Penza – Samara – Ufa – Chelyabinsk was equipped with a 21 junction; 
– on the road A-104 “Moscow-Dubna, Dmitrov” was equipped with 2 transition; 
– on the road A-103 “Shchelkovo highway” was equipped with 3 transition; 
– on the road A-107 “Moscow Small Ring” was equipped with 5 transitions; 
– on the road A-108 “Moscow outer ring” 70 crossings were equipped.