8 (800) 500-5214 Free in Russia
8 (495) 540-5214 For Moscow
8 (812) 643-4391 for St. Petersburg

On the road M-4 “Don” system installed reverse traffic on the new charging point

In newly built section of the M-4 “don” 515 installed near the reversing motion system “AIR Backbone” together with the French holding Aximum. The system allows you to redistribute the transport streams, depending on the direction of movement in the Reverse Payment funds, thereby preventing the formation of traffic jams. The more so that this section of road is still bypass the city of Voronezh.

Prednatyanutyh system consists of cables, which at certain sites “strung” special tire retaining applying reflective film whose design permits in case of emergency sminimizirovat consequences of a possible collision with a rope components. This system has worked well in the previous toll sections of the M-4 “Don” and M1 “Belarus” in the region bypassing Odintsovo, and the company “AIR Magistral” already has extensive experience in the installation of such systems and good manufacturing base for the implementation of such projects any complexity and configuration. 

The length of highway M-4 “don” of 1517 km. The main part of the route from Moscow to Krasnodar is part of European route E115. Until 2019, in accordance with the long-term program of activities of the State Company “Avtodor” on the road M-4 “Don” of 1517 km will be reconstructed and built portions of a total length of 796.2 km. As a result, the entire line will correspond to the first technical category: it will be a four, with separate counter-flow movement and interchanges at different levels.