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On the road M-11 used trailers with warning lights and LED information displays

Signal equipment “AIR backbone” of the company is maintained on the new highway M-11 – a high-speed highway “Moscow – St. Petersburg.”

Trailers with warning lights are used to attract additional attention to road main section of the M-11 from 15 to 58 km and Vyshny Volochyok, which significantly improves safety during road or other routine work.

In addition, the signal trailers intended to indicate orienirovaniya route when approaching a dangerous section of road. Pulsed LED illumination distinguishable over considerable distances, as in the night, and during severe weather phenomena.

Also on the highway M-11 put into operation a mobile LED bulletin board production “AIR Magistral”, designed for real time text message to drivers of vehicles on the road and traffic conditions on the road, depending on the traffic intensity. Namely accident occurred, meteorological conditions, carrying out road works on the construction, repair or maintenance. Through the use of LEDs, mobile display variable information clearly visible at any time of the day.