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On the border of Russia and Estonia “AIR Magistral” revolutionized the unregulated pedestrian crossing

In Ivangorod on the 147th kilometer of the federal highway A-180, “Narva”, connecting St. Petersburg and the Estonian town of Narva, reconstructed unregulated pedestrian crossing. 

Company “AIR Magistral” Install the L-shaped support in the alignment of the pedestrian crossing, completely replaced the old signs on signs with high-intensity fluorescent background 5.19. Also it was installed standalone display system on poles with traffic lights T.7 aperture 300mm.

Traffic lights and control system they are completely independent: the day charging the built-in battery system, and in the dark traffic lights switched themselves in advance to warn drivers of approaching the most dangerous sections of the road.

Federal highway A180 “Narva” – a highway of federal importance, wore account number M11 to the end of 2010, now – a part of European route E 20.

European route E20 European route is from the Irish airport Shannon to St. Petersburg. The route passes through the territory of Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Russia.

The road is interrupted at three places where you have to use the ferry to travel the entire length of the track.