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New prefabricated fencing “COMP-LINE” in Izhevsk

On the bridge in Izhevsk in an experiment installed a new prefabricated barrier protection “COMP-LINE” production “AIR Highway”.

Prefabricated polymer fence “COMP-LINE” designed for rapid delineation of the territory and increase visibility. fence construction is simple to install, installation, transportation and storage. Has an attractive appearance and long service life, is the same type of polymer pillars and beams of circular cross section, fastened together by a special connection.

In the Traffic Police proposed to apply them to separate opposing traffic flows and on highways and in cities. According to traffic police data on Russian roads in 2017 there were more than 169 000 accidents in which 19 000 people were killed and more than 215,000 injured. More than a quarter of the total number of those killed were victims of head-on collisions, although this is only a tenth of all accidents.

Soon, the new development will be on several highways in Russia.