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Mobile traffic lights “AIR Magistral” successfully cope with the harsh climate of the Leningrad Region

At St. Petersburg and the region dense fog enveloped the last week, which obviously affected for the worse on the road traffic. 

Stand-alone traffic lights Company “AIR Magistral” successfully cope with difficult weather conditions: thanks to the built-in light sensor, automatic traffic signal itself adjusts the brightness of the glow, so traffic lights are clearly visible to drivers on the repaired road sections. 

Mobile traffic lights Company “AIR Highway” designed for temporary traffic control schemes in the production of road works, the organization of temporary pedestrian crossings and intersections. Managed by such an object is quite simple: either by remote control, providing the “line of sight” of the signal up to 300 meters from the set of traffic lights (without amplifiers), or from the traffic light controller, which can control a group of traffic lights at certain predetermined program. Moreover, traffic control also occurs wirelessly.