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Installation of autonomous vehicle traffic T.7.A. “COMP” in the streets of Moscow

As part of the project Capital Development Department of the City of Moscow to improve road safety at pedestrian crossings standalone traffic lights were installed T.7.A. “COMP” in the anti-vandal racks for road signs manufactured for the following addresses:

Dubniskaya Street 13-15

Dubninskaya Street 75 p. 18

Lobnenskaya street 9

Ceramic passage 71

Novopetrovskaya street 1a

Smolnaya Street 55


Autonomous traffic lights T.7.A. “Comp” during daylight electrical energy by the solar battery is stored in the battery, which automatically begins to supply power to the LEDs, capable to Morgan mode to work without a new “solar” charge up to 5 days.

Benefits of development:

Possibility of round the clock work

It does not require a network connection

IP 54 degree of protection

Charging in cloudy weather

Automatic inclusion in the dark

The ease and speed of installation

Shock-proof design