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Installation complex mobile traffic to understudy Spa prospect in Sochi

Some time ago the company AIR Magistral has commissioned a unique project. On understudy Spa Prospect 18 Mobile traffic lights were installed in the city of Sochi.

On each traffic unit average it has been spent for one to two days. When the last traffic lights was installed, a single system started its work.

Not to mention that all the traffic lights are connected by a system of Traffic Air Net. Manage it as you can with remote control, and via the website. During the calibration process, each traffic light is adjusted to a certain period of operation. If one or more of the traffic lights is required to increase the duration of the red or green light (for example, in the morning or evening, depending on the flux density in one direction or another), then all this can be done through a special program for a few minutes.

It should be noted that the traffic lights are powered by batteries. Power – 100 A • h.

With this set of traffic lights could significantly relieve the understudy Resort prospectus.