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In Khimki opened a “safe area”

June 1, the International Children’s Day, in Khimki, the grand opening of the project “Territory of Security”, the initiator and the investor who became the company “AIR Highway”. The discovery became a real children’s holiday, which was attended by representatives of public movement “Young Traffic Inspectors’, the characters of the cult cartoon Belka and Strelka, representatives of the administration and the education department of the city of Khimki residents and the surrounding areas.

The event took place near the Khimki gymnasium № 9, at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and the streets of young naturalists. Here, a new pedestrian crossing equipped with LED beacons production “AIR Highway”, and five curly stands, made in the form of cartoon characters, “Well, wait a minute!”, Which are the hallmark of the project. Signs will alert drivers that enter the territory of the latest road safety.

The pilot project involved participation of high school number 9, next to her kindergarten №20, as well as two schools. Near the school №26 installed two humps and bars in antiparkovochnye “island of safety”, who had been constantly causing the car. And near the school number 25 in the near future should see the board “Smile” speed, reminding drivers to respect speed limits.