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Implementation of the program to equip the unregulated pedestrian crossing in the Leningrad region

In the Leningrad region it has implemented a program to equip unregulated crosswalks technical means of traffic near the children’s educational institutions.

Achieved integrated development of 181 pedestrian crossing traffic lights T.7.A. “COMP” production company “AIR Magistral”. 

Committee for roads of the Leningrad Region appreciated equipment 95 addresses in 13 districts of the region. Most of the educational institutions is on the public roads of regional significance, and moving at night is potentially dangerous due to non-compliance with speed limits and restricted visibility.

Autonomous traffic lights T.7.A. “COMP” by the solar battery during daylight stores electrical energy in the battery, which is automatically given algorithm, starts to supply power to the LEDs that can be lit in flashing mode to work without a new “solar” charge up to 5 days, even in this challenging metrological region abrupt change of weather conditions. This mode allows you to accurately identify from a distance a pedestrian crossing and in advance to ensure a safe driving mode.