8 (800) 500-5214 Free in Russia
8 (495) 540-5214 For Moscow
8 (812) 643-4391 for St. Petersburg

Highway M-10 “Russia” is reconstructed using the product “AIR Magistral”

Reconstructed section 1 PK19 + 00 – PK22 + 00 highway M-10 “Russia” Moscow – Tver – Novgorod – St Petersburg (detour Tver) arranged the production of “AIR Magistral”.

At the entrance to the venue of roadworks established deliniatory truncated “comp” for the temporary separation of traffic flows. Neposredstvennno reconstructed portion arranged the separating water-filled blocks with signaling flags CD 6 which allow to identify in advance a dangerous road. To attract additional attention to the production of CD-6 “AIR Magistral” established autonomous pulsed LEDs “COMP-SIGNAL”.

Also, this entity is equipped with LED signs “Detour obstacles” and “rotation direction.”