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Equipment of pedestrian crossings with traffic lights Stavropol T. 7 A. “comp”

In early autumn, the streets of the city of Svetlograd Stavropol Region were equipped with traffic lights TA 7 “comp” proivzodstva “AIR Magistral” solar-powered at the following addresses:

GBOU ACT “Teachers College” – st. Pushkin;

GBOU ACT Svetlograd Regional College of Agriculture “;

MBOU SOSH № 2 – Str. 60 years of October;

MBOU Lyceum № 3- Str. Nikolaenko;

MBOU SOSH № 4 – Str. swimming pool;

MKOU SOSH № 7 – Str. Kislichanskaya;

MBDOU DS number 26 “Sun” – st. Kalinin;

Exhibition Area, 43.

Traffic lights T.7 A. “COMP” were established to designate the non-regulated intersections and pedestrian crossings. On some stretches of road traffic lights were installed to ensure the visibility and stop the vehicle traveling at a speed permitted in the preceding section of the road before the intersection or crosswalk.

Pulse LED display traffic especially during twilight and night time allows unmistakable from a distance and to identify a pedestrian crossing in advance to ensure a safe driving mode.