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Construction of the transport interchange through M-1 “Belarus” devices “AIR Backbone”

At 44 km highway M-1 “Belarus” on March 30th we have established the technical means of traffic control. Transport interchange deliniatorami arranged the “comp” LED road signs “Avoiding obstacles right or left” and “detour obstacles,” “Redirecting flow” of 1.34 and water-filled blocks with signal lamps “comp-100”.

The complex serves to redirect the flow of motor associated with the expansion of the existing overpass over the track, at the time of repair work on the bridge. To expand the overpass need to install additional support for the installation of the beams of the superstructure. One of the new poles located in the dividing strip existing road M-1 “Belarus”, however in the present circuit arrangement includes a set TSODD.

Thanks to the LED elements signs drivers can advance to assess the situation on the road.