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Company “AIR Magistral” dampers installed on the ring road in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, on the Ring avtoroge were first damping system.

The equipment was delivered in the framework of improving the safety of traffic on the most dangerous sections of Cada – at congresses and interchanges.

The damper  is a system prednatyanutyh plastic cushions enclosed in absorbing telescoping steel loop. When a car accident crushes cushion located inside the body – thus the damper takes full brunt, extinguishing power and not allowing the car to get more serious damage in a collision with man-made structures. Dampers TAU Snoline system appeared at the Congress on the street Rustaveli and October embankment due to the “AIR backbone” of the company.

Also dangerous sites Congresses were equipped with columns “COMP” with a holding base, in order to advance to attract the attention of drivers to such congresses.

Company “AIR Highway” will continue to implement modern engineering systems on the road network of the Russian Federation.