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Company “AIR Magistral” autumn has completed the installation of 350 modernized “Comp SIGNALS” in St. Petersburg

This fall under the state contract “AIR Magistral” has completed installation of the upgraded flash indicator “COMP-SIGNAL” on pedestrian crossings street and road network of St. Petersburg. 

Key technical parameter was an increase in capacity of the batteries, and advanced device management. Now to switch flash signal between summer and winter modes require remote control, operating at frequencies authorized civil – if you enter a specific command from the remote indicator switches to a specific preset mode. 

Also located on the remote control may output information about the technical parameters of the device: the current residual battery capacity, the voltage at the solar panel, which gives additional advantages in installation devices (with the correct orientation of the solar panels) and their subsequent maintenance.

According to statistics, during 2012-2013, the number of accidents involving pedestrians at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings equipped with light signaling system decreased by 2.3 times!