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Company “AIR Highway” took an active part in the reconstruction of the highway M7

In October 2014 the project on reconstruction of the M7 highway Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod in the framework of improving road safety. Company “AIR Highway” took an active part in the reconstruction of the M7 highway, using special design for the reconstruction of 38 pedestrian crossings with traffic lights with a battery backup system, which helps to attract the attention of drivers of vehicles.

Also included reconstruction arrangement unregulated pedestrian crossings: light pedestrian crossing zones and application areas of high-intensity yellow road marking paint (zebra), as well as the allocation of traffic islands deliniatorami.

In addition, on the highway M7 in places of concentration of traffic accidents with moving into the oncoming traffic were installed rope barrier fencing and deliniatory flexible flags, designed to enhance the visual orientation of drivers at night and in low light. With the same purpose the signal C3 type columns was equipped shoulder along the path M7.

At reconstruction transitions were applied innovative materials such as 3D-signs, contour illumination of pedestrian crossings, LED internally illuminated signs, light indication systems “Comp SIGNAL” placards and measuring and displaying vehicle speed.