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“Comp-2 SIGNALS” in St. Petersburg.

In the framework of public contracts in 2012. “Comp SIGNALS-2” were installed on street and road network of St. Petersburg. Analysis of the accident of 2012 and since the beginning of operation of devices “COMP-SIGNAL-2” (the beginning of operation – October 2012) in the place of installation of innovative technical means of traffic management showed a reduction in accidents involving pedestrians at uncontrolled crosswalks for 1 year 62% (more than 2.5 times).

With proper installation and operation, timely maintenance, the device “SIGNAL-COMP-2” are quite tangible reduction in vehicle accidents unregulated pedestrian crossings. Moreover, without a very major capital works and therefore cost, and without long periods of commissioning – “COMP-SIGNAL-2” is mounted on the existing road, and stand ready to work within 30 minutes.