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Anti-glare screens “Comp 2” on the road P-217 “CAUCASUS”

On the road P-217 “Caucasus”, 15 km from the city of Nalchik, were installed anti-glare screens “Comp 2” 1200 mm from the “AIR backbone” of the company. The total length of the installation was 4.5 kilometers, the number of screens – 6900 pieces.

Antidazzle screens “Comp 2” are intended to be installed on road barriers on roads with a dividing strip in order to protect vehicle drivers from the glare of the light flux produced by car headlights when passing oncoming in the dark under conditions of moderate and cold climates.

Anti-glare screens from “AIR Magistral” have a number of advantages, including fast installation on prepared fastening and a low risk of injury due to rounded edges.