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Water filled road block

About product

Water-filled barriers production of “AIR Magistral”.

Company “AIR Magistral” produces plastic road blocks on the modern high-efficiency equipment, using the rotational molding technology.

extrusion blow molding method allows to manufacture products with high strength characteristics by slightly heating the raw material during the operating cycle and lack seams on the finished product. The starting material for the production of high-quality is low-density polyethylene (HDPE), Russian and import proizvodstva.Etot material characterized by high strength, resistance to precipitation, various petroleum products and chemically active substances. Sam HDPE is chemically neutral.

Road, water-filled blocks are used for the following purposes:

  • guard symbol and damaged sections of the carriageway;
  • fencing of the area for a variety of repair, construction or other activities;
  • correction or restriction of movement of vehicles and pedestrians for different purposes, etc.

Water filled unit is formed as a hollow structure. It has a special filling opening therethrough water or sand to stabilize the barrier. The hole is closed threaded plug. barriers has special design elements for coupling the barriers one by one, each barrier retains the ability to rotate relative to a neighboring 15 degrees. This design feature allows the stable long wall of fencing. On the road barrier may additionally be applied reflective stripes red and white.


length (mm) - 1200

Width (mm) - 500

height (mm) - 780

projecting portion of the coupling element from one side (mm) - 100mm

standard color - white, red (on request other colors)

Another way of manufacturing of plastic enclosures - rotational molding technology. Plastic barrier is formed as a hollow structure, which allows water to fill the product through the hole. Filling with water provides good stability enclosures and significantly increases their effectiveness.

Made of high light-stabilized polyethylene.

Frost, sealed (possibly filled with water, sand for additional stability).


- water filled barrier 1.2m 1200 x 750 x 500 mm, weight: 10 kg price 1800 rub / pc.. The colors red, white (or optional)

- water-filled barrier 2.0m, 2000 x 750 x 500 mm, weight 16 kg, the price of 2900 rubles / piece.. The colors red, white (or on request).

At customer's request equipped Flags signal "comp" and autonomous indicators "Compo Signal".


Price:for 1,2: m 1800 rubles.
Price: per m 2: 2 900 rubles.