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Lantern signal FS-12

About product

Lantern signal FS-12 is designed for use in road garlands with battery. It is used for quick installation in the enclosure means (road bollards, cones, fences, water-filled blocks) during construction, traffic, emergency work and other places that require attention at night or in low visibility conditions. Also road Garland warns drivers of particularly dangerous sections of road. Signal light PS-12 can be used as light beacons in search and rescue operations and in other cases.


GOST 32758-2014;
Size: 210h130h130 mm;
Material: plastic;
The diameter of dispersion: 130 mm;
3 LEDs;
Power consumption: 0.25 W;
Power: 12 W.


Through the use of LED has low power consumption.


Price:168 RUB