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Grid road

About product

Multifunctional, convenient, cost-effective fence. Plastic mesh is durable, it does not rot, rust, UV. Lightweight, high-strength mesh quickly installed, easy to operate and transport. The grid may be supplied with kits for mounting and fixing (milestone plastic, rubber pad).


– the construction site fencing, trenches, ditches

– designation of the venue construction and installation work

– fencing of highly dangerous areas at high-rise building

During the construction and reconstruction of hearse on the highway there is a need for demarcation of traffic flows. In combination with traditional means (cones) mesh may pose a serious fencing and warning system for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Grid and injury prevention through vivid color is clearly visible in low visibility conditions.


Winding roller, m: 25; 50; 20/50

Cell size: 45 * 40; 90 * 45; 95 * 45

Width: 1.3 / 2; one; 1 / 1.2


Price:per 1m 55 rub.