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Universal Stand for UP-6 characters

About product

Universal stand for signs UP-6 – means for secure traffic organization, with six holes for insertion of signal milestones, fences, road plate ( “soldier”). The stability of the finished structure to tip over is achieved due to the weight and overall dimensions of the stand.

Stand UP-6 road made from raw materials obtained by reprocessing, moreover – unusable stand can be again processed with our equipment. Thus, buying a universal stand for the UP-6 digits, you are improving the environmental situation in general.


  • Holes (6 units): Ø42mm 2-, 3- 40x40mm, 1- 57h57mm..
  • LxWxH: 830x425x90 mm
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • Material: recycling


  • Homogeneous, solid material composition without voids provides high resistance to cold, salts, exhaust gases, fuel and others.
  • Two robust and easy-to-use handle
  • Stand is designed so that there is no place programmed break
  • Possibility of making different colors
  • The versatility of the stand
  • Special platform for battery installation
  • there stacker


Price:1 890 RUB