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Road support lightweight type SOD G-50

About product

Road lightweight type bearing T-50 ODS – a structure consisting of a mortgage, a central portion and cantilever member. Installed on the road side of the road.

Road support lightweight type SOD G-50 is designed for installation of signs, traffic lights, lighting for pedestrian crossing, placard “speed control”.


The height of the base of the cantilever support: 6 meters

The length of the console: 6.5 meters

Material: steel 10 to GOST1050-88.

The coating is carried out by hot-dip galvanizing: 80-120 micron thick corrosion in accordance with the GOST 9.307-89.

The permissible load on the support at an extreme point is not more than 20 kg.


Price:75 000 RUB