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Road column “comp 2” with the holding device

About product

Column road “Comp 2” with the holding device is designed to attract the attention of drivers to dangerous sections of the road.

Road column “Comp 2” with the retaining device is designed:

  • for the protection of places of production work
  • to prevent vehicles leaving the oncoming lane
  • to create traffic patterns in private enterprises

On the working surface of the holding device is a groove where the fixed ground column.


TU 5210-016-62132574-2013

Temperature range: - 40C to + 40C

Service life: 5 years

The holding device is made of shock-resistant compound, a column - of composite materials.


  • Robust rugged construction
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Not subject to corrosion and rot


Price:1 990 RUB