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Posts signal polyurethane

About product

Posts signal polyurethane – a new product on the Russian market. They are used to separate traffic lanes on roads, for the organization of transport streams in parking lots, and in places where it is required to prevent the intersection of grid lines cars. In this case, the poles are installed as an addition to road markings.

Also, the signal bars at index SSA-750 are relevant in areas with heavy traffic: parking lots and intersections in the areas adjacent to major shopping malls, airports, train stations and other places where as a result of violations of marking lines and rules of car parking are problems with the omission of traffic.

On public roads, the installation of columns of data produced in accordance with GOST R 52289-2004 in coordination with the traffic police authorities.

they are also relevant for use during sports activities, to organize streams of spectators.

The device is safe for car: in contact with it does no damage.

Column signal polyurethane is made from an elastic polymer material ensuring return to its original state after a collision of the vehicle on it.

The bar is made of a material bright orange. In the case of horizontal markings applied retroreflective white diamond film.

The design of the base signal column gives it a sufficient stability in an upright position after mounting by means of anchorages on the canvas of the road. They are not afraid of the wind flows generated by passing cars. The material from which they are made, has good resistance to reagents used during the processing of ice-road.

Stubs parking attached to the road surface by means of anchor bolts.


GOST P 52289-2004

Temperature range: -40 to +40 ° C

Service life: 5 years

Height from bottom to top - 750 mm.

base diameter - 210 mm.


Price:970 RUB