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Hemisphere road “KOMPO”

About product

Hemisphere road “KOMPO” executed in the form of a soccer ball, used to naviigatsii fences pedestrian areas, car parks and other areas that require structuring.

The use of a hemisphere with a column “Comp 2” with reflective film can not only improve the visual appearance of the city, but also the environmental situation at the expense of secondary-processed raw materials, as well as – improves road safety. Prevents assaults on natural lawns and parking.


  • Weight: 18 kg;
  • Material: Polymer;
  • Temperature conditions: -35 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃;
  • Height: 260 mm;
  • Diameter: 400 mm.


  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Stand is designed so that there is no place the programmed bend;
  • Possibility of manufacturing of different colors;
  • The versatility of the stand.


Price:2 150 RUB