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Column C3 road signal “comp”

About product

Signal column C3 “comp” for the visual orientation of road users on road sections that require attention.

They can be installed in all climatic zones, except for regions with very cold climate.

Posts signal Road C3 “comp” are an important element of the arrangement of roads. They help road users to easily navigate in the dark on such road sections as steep and winding turns, dangerous intersections and high embankments.

The main advantage of this type of column is its compactness and light weight, resulting in significantly reduced costs for transportation and storage.

The flexible design of the case of the column C3 road signal “comp” ensures his return to the upright position after being run over by his vehicle.

Road column has a vertical layout in the form of black stripes 100 mm tall.

On the surface of the bars facing towards the approaching traffic, vertical markings applied in the form of strips.


Corresponding GOST 50970-2011.

TU5210-009-62132574-2012 G.

Temperature range: -40 ° C to +40 ° C.

Lifetime: 2 years

Made of modern modified polymeric materials with improved toughness.


• Compact and light weight

• flexible design and toughness

• Easy assembly and disassembly

• cost-effective market value

• absolute safety for vehicles (when hit by a vehicle, he quickly takes its original shape and does not damage the car body at the same time)

• manufactured in high-tech European equipment


Price:240 RUB. with reinforced trapeze
Price: 220 rub. semicircular