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Artificial road roughness (speed bumps)

About product

Artificial road roughness (IDN), by the people “sleeping policeman” – specially arranged by the rise in the roadway to force reduce the speeds disposed perpendicularly to the axis of the road.

IDN mounted on separate sections of roads to provide forced reduction of the maximum speed vehicle up to 40 km / h or less.

The presence of reflective elements on the surface of cells provides high visibility of IDN in the dark.

The construction of speed bumps is composed of the components prefabricated elements. Their number depends on the width of the carriageway part on which you plan to install speed bumps.


Material: high-impact rubber black
Length: 500/900 mm
Width: 500/500 mm
Height: 58 mm
Temperature: -50C to + 60C


• Long service life

• Side projections on IDN firmly constrain all elements of the structure, providing a firm and reliable connection

• reflective film located in special recesses, which eliminates its offset

• Special metal discs plated enable greatly increase the fastening to the road surface and to prevent tearing out articles


Price:IDN 500: 1 220 rubles. IDN 900 2 310 rubles.