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Anti-glare screens are made of composite materials, “Comp 2”

About product

Antidazzle screen “COMP-2” is intended to be installed on road barriers on roads with a dividing strip in order to protect vehicle drivers from the glare of the light flux produced by car headlights when passing oncoming in the dark under conditions of moderate and cold climates.

The screen is made of plastic (polyethylene) of the sheet material.

The design of the shield element provides protection from light flux oncoming vehicle headlamp at an angle of glare action range from 0 to 18 degrees.

The screen is resistant to temperature from – 60 ° C to + 60 ° C.


  • quick installation on prepared fastening
  • large variety of color options
  • durable and izlomoustoychivye
  • not traumatic, have rounded edges
  • UV-resistant
  • colored paint does not fade