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Two-piece light T.7 “combo” with backup system

About product

Two-piece light transport T7 “combo” with backup system intended to mean unregulated pedestrian crossings and additional attract the attention of drivers of vehicles.

Traffic light T.7 is one of the fastest and most effective means of improving safety on unregulated pedestrian crossings. Its use significantly reduces the likelihood of an accident.


TU 5210-020-62132574-2013;
Output aperture: 300 mm;
Temperature range: -45 C to +45 C;
Visibility: 150 m;
Operating time without recharging for 24 hours
of service life: 5 years.


  • Non-stop operation;
  • Thin housing;
  • Tightness IP 54;
  • Shockproof vandal design;
  • Charging from the power capacity of 220 V.


Price:The one-sided 45 000 rubles. Double-sided: 61 600 rubles.