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Trailer with warning lights

About product

Trailer with warning lights intended to indicate the orientation of the route when approaching a dangerous section of road. It is used on high-speed roads with high traffic or narrow areas where not noticeably less light device.

Each trailer is equipped with a convenient folding structure and lifting mechanism, which is regulated via the touch remote control.

Trailer LED signaling – a standalone device. Power LED arrows, signaling lamps and the lifting mechanism at the expense of batteries that are in a vehicle cabin – tractor.

Every possible modification trailer operation is indicated on the remote control, which is in real time allows you to manage all the devices to track their performance and eliminate problems arising.


1) Power supply from two batteries 170 Ah and two emergency battery 66 Ah (comes with two built-in charger 230 V).
2) two-axle trailer non brake, weight - 750 kg.
3) Equipment cabinet of high strength polypropylene, rotoformirovka dark gray box and cover a variety of colors to choose from.
4) Electrical system raising the top panel.
5) Four stabilizer for the drive.
6) anemometric sensor that changes the relative wind speed and blocking lifting the top panel in excess of a preset threshold.
7) Overall trailer lights 12 V or 24 V.
8) 25 halogen lamps or light-emitting diodes LED, 200 mm in diameter.
9) 2 Xenon lamp - Flash, 340 mm in diameter.
10) Central Control Unit and Power combines all electronic devices using a single board, providing easy maintenance and high reliability.


  • low maintenance easy handling transportation to the rights of category B


Price:335 500 RUB