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Suspended LED sign placards

About product

Suspended LED sign information board is designed to guide drivers on the road sections that require special attention, as well as for displaying operational information about the road conditions.

The set consists of one-sided sign with LED lamps, LED displays, orange beacons, as well as the housing by which the structure is mounted on the car roof.

lifting plate by means of the actuator. Suspended LED sign with information board can be used for various services promptly warn drivers about the situation on the road, for example, in the case of accident or road repair.

Information message displayed on the display, given the touch panel control command, through which the management of the entire structure.


• Material: frame - aluminum; Ties - stainless steel; body - colored polyester (color of your choice)

• One-sided triangular sign with reflective film 2 class

• mark size: 125 cm.

• 3 LED lamps L2H 100 mm in diameter.

• 2 orange flashing LED beacon

• Remote control with touch-screen color LCD control

• Power supply: 12 V

• Information LED display:

- Black aluminum case

- Automatic alignment of symbols and compression modulus

- photosensor 100 steps to adjust the brightness according to ambient brightness


• Ability to change the informational message

• The clarity and brightness of color

• Easy to install

• High power


Price:On request.