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Standalone road transport traffic

About product

Autonomous mobile traffic light-type t 1, t 1.2 is designed for installation on the roads in places of road works for the temporary regulation of traffic flows.

A set of traffic lights can be used to organize reverse motion, as well as to restrict pedestrian areas near sites where roadworks are carried out.

Autonomous mobile traffic light includes three sections and 200mm aperture is a flat, solid, dustproof waterproof gray, identified by folding bar on the box. The front part of the traffic is made of polycarbonate lenses without the use of seeded obscure the information at the traffic lights in direct sunlight. Each system is equipped with wheels and a handle that makes it very mobile and easy to install.

Autonomous ground traffic light – a wireless device operating due to built-in battery, located in the system box.

Traffic is switched with the button, which is at the rear of the housing. Switching the traffic work is performed by remote control, the maximum radius which the line of action is 50 meters (without external antenna).


Temperature range: -45 C to +60 C

Visibility: 100 m.

Life: 3 years (without battery)

Operating time without recharging: 200 hours


  • Compact Foldable traffic light system
  • convenient for installation and transportation
  • when several portable traffic lights do not require power lines laying
  • the connection between traffic lights is provided by radio
  • convenient system of switching traffic signals with a remote control
  • Battery recharging can be carried out during the operation of traffic lights
  • in lights built-in protection and a number of options to increase the reliability of operation of the device and increase road safety
  • traffic signal comprises a voltage stabilizer for LEDs, eliminating failure of the LED supply voltage when the throws
  • it is possible to automatically adjust the emission luminance signals depending on the light level, to eliminate the glare of participants