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Standalone road sign “COMP-SIGN”

About product

Autonomous ground “COMP-STAR” is intended to refer to areas of pedestrian crossings and traffic safety on them. “COMP-sign” – completely self-contained unit that requires no electrical connections.

Autonomous ground “COMP-sign” is available in two types:

1) “COMP-SIGN” to the control unit, equipped with a motion sensor . When motion is detected by the wireless communication means transmits the enable signal to “COMP-SIGN”.

2) “COMP-SIGN” to the control unit, equipped with a call button . Enable signal to “COMP-SIGN” is transmitted over wireless communication means by pressing the call button.

“Comp SIGNS” of both types are equipped with internal LED (LED) lighting. LEDs “COMP-SIGN” disposed in the housing on LED panels operate in a pulse mode in the dark in case of finding in the pedestrian area of ​​the motion sensor acts pedestrian or after pressing the call button.

After operation of the motion sensor control unit or pressing buttons “COMP-SIGN” on one side of the roadway on the wireless signal is activated and operates in a similar mode “COMP-SIGN” on the other side of the roadway.

Duration of the flashing is programmed based on specific conditions (or motion sensor arrangement call button relative to the edge of the carriageway, width of the carriageway).

Indicators “COMP-SIGN” and “Comp SIGNAL-2” are activated simultaneously, and the duration of blinking of both devices coincide.


TU 5210-014-62132574-2012 G.

Temperature range: -45 to +45 ° C.

Visibility: 150 meters

Life: 5 years (except batteries)

Operating time without recharging: 120 hours


  • full autonomy
  • signal transmission over a wireless communication means
  • has an internal illumination (LED)
  • work at night
  • in the daytime works as a normal sign
  • battery life up to 5 days
  • IP 54 tightness
  • charging even in cloudy weather
  • shock-resistant anti-vandal design


Price:75 100 RUB