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Road “COMP-sign” from an internal LED

About product

LED signs “COMP-SIGN” are intended to be installed on the road network in order to inform the participants about traffic conditions on the road, as well as to attract drivers’ attention to high-risk facilities.

LED traffic signal “comp-SIGN” is recommended to be installed on sections of road that require maximum concentration of drivers; on roads with a high traffic volume; as well as in places where there are no other devices that regulate the traffic (for example, in zones unregulated pedestrian crossings, in places of production of road repairs near the child care centers, as well as on the road sections with increased risk).

Thanks to LED technology, “COMP-SIGN” allows road users to identify the dangerous section of road for several hundred meters.

LED road sign “COMP-SIGN” includes the following main elements:

– the case with the image of a road sign according to GOST 52290 on the front surface of the frame and yellow;

– white LEDs arranged in a housing on the LED panel;

– the power supply of 220V;

– attachment to the “U”, “L” shaped and the other rack road sign.


TU 5210-014-62132574-2012

Temperature range: -45 C to +45 C

Visibility: 150 meters

Life: 5 years (except batteries)

Operating time without recharging: 120 hours


  • Ultra-thin;
  • It has an internal illumination (LED);
  • Work in the dark;
  • In the daytime works as a normal sign;
  • Tightness IP 54;
  • Shockproof vandal design;
  • Ability to connect to the mains power 220 V.


Price:28 000 RUB