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Radar simulator

About product

Radar “radar simulator” emits a radio signal at a frequency of 24.15 GHz, which triggers the set in the car “trap warning” detector and encourages drivers to observe traffic rules.

• before pedestrian crossings;
• objects of reconstruction and repair of trails;
• on particularly dangerous stretches of road;
• to hazardous road narrowings;
• entrance to the bridge and tunnels;
• areas to dangerous turns and areas of roadworks.


Case Material: galvanized steel of 1 mm, ABS plastic

Dimensions: 230h240h360

LED module

Number of LEDs: 22 LEDs

Light color: red

Type of food:

External battery 12 Volt

From 220 Volt


Battery Specifications:

12 volts

9 ampere-hours

Car charger


Price:75000 RUB