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Mounted LED signs

About product

Mounted LED signs installed on the roof of special automobile to attract drivers’ attention to the places of road works at the emergency site.

The sign is mounted on the cab by means of a special aluminum container. A convenient construction is easy to mark the operating position manually or by an electric actuator.

Power LED traffic sign is carried out by electrical installation, which is installed in a special truck cab.

The intensity flashing LEDs depends on the time of day, and by nightfall reduced to avoid dazzling oncoming light.


1) Set consists of alyuminevogo container bilateral mark "road works", which is mounted on one or two spring hinge.

2) Character size: 50 or 70 cm.

3) controlled by a manual or electric actuator. 4) The sign is provided with a photosensor "day / night".

5) The electric unit has two modes of supply: 12/24 V

6) The length of the power cable 4 meters.

7) 3 lamps of 60 mm diameter.

8) The installation area and sealed lamp.

9) In each lamp - 32 LEDs

10) Lifespan: 100,000 hours


  • Low power consumption
  • High power
  • various modifications


Price:On request.

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