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LED Light

About product

LED beacon intended to denote lanes dangerous stretches of road, and also to separate transport streams in directions on roads with heavy traffic.
LED beacons start to work with the onset of night time when visibility conditions are deteriorating. Their light signals are clearly demarcate traffic lanes, which is especially important in dangerous road sections.

The beacon housing arranged photocells, which are a set of Cellular modules. The accumulated electric energy that is transmitted at dusk LEDs during daylight hours in the battery. LEDs serves light signals clearly visible on the road, even in fog conditions. The color signal is set based on the desires of the customer.

Structure beacon is mounted in the asphalt and well fixed on the road surface due to metal fins on the outer side of the housing.

Special vandal-proof housing protects the LEDs from damage and makes the design immune to raids even trucks and buses.
LED beacons are resistant to environmental changes and to temperature jumps.


Size: diameter - 126 * 60 mm; weight - 950 c..

Power supply: Flexible solar panel (5V 60mA)

Battery: Lithium-ion battery (3.2 V 900mA / h)

Light mode: flashing or permanent light

LEDs: diameter - 5 mm, unilateral Light - 3 units, reversible - 6 pc...

Colors: yellow, red, white, blue, green

Hours: 72 hours when fully charged

Visibility: more than 500 meters

Temperature range: from - 20 to + 70 gr. WITH

The initial brightness of 500 lux

Material: aluminum and impact resistant polycarbonate

Compression strength: more than 25 tons

Operating period: 3 years


  • Autonomy. It does not require connection to the mains.
  • Работа в темное время суток. Автоматическое включение.
  • Charging even in cloudy weather.
  • Wear resistance. Vandal design. Monolithic sealed enclosure.
  • Resistance to temperature changes and to different climatic conditions.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Choice of colors LED signal.
  • Almost does not protrude above the roadway surface