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LED lenses on the signs and customer-service vehicles

About product

Road safety above all else, so be sure to set up special funds that will warn drivers about the dangerous parts of the road, even in the dark. For these purposes, it is best to buy a LED lens in our company, which is not in vain are popular and are the most attractive and profitable means of prevention. In our country, this product is gaining in popularity, while in the rest of the world is the most popular means to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Practical option

At this moment in time traveler LED lens – this is the most practical option. Despite its small size, they effectively do their job. Operate on external power emit bright without blinding light and help to warn drivers of road segment rather decent. Therefore, enjoy such great demand. These funds can be installed easily, the installation does not require a long operating life of up to five years of constant use. Therefore, in order to guarantee perfect security, both drivers and pedestrians, this tool is the most attractive and popular. Conveniently, there is no need for the acquisition of goods of this type to go out, take the time and effort to design services, when you can use our site.

Convenient for everyone

We are pleased to offer any lens diameter, which will be convenient for you. Therefore, this embodiment it is necessary to use in order to save their time and effort. Optimally, it is possible to draw up a purchase on our website, choose the required goods and services. We support the work of different payment systems that is convenient for everyone today. We have a fast delivery of goods at any convenient and practical address for each client. Therefore, the use of our services is the most attractive and profitable option for everyone. Road construction, municipal services, be sure to purchase traveler’s lens, because in the near future, they will become binding rules for use. That is why the hurry to issue quickly and profitably purchase, which will serve you long and reliable! Excellent quality, durability and excellent job guarantee. Hurry to apply!


  • the service life of 5 years;
  • the warranty period of 1 year;
  • thickness 25 mm;
  • diameter of 100 to 200 mm.


Price:Diameter of 100 mm: 1900 rubles.
Price: Diameter of 200 mm 3 400 rubles.
Price: Diameter of 300 mm 6 200 rubles.