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L-shaped support for pedestrian crossings with lighting

About product

L-shaped support for pedestrian crossings with lighting – unique solution, which aims to maximize directional lighting area of ​​a pedestrian crossing and improving safety.

The support has a single unified solution of fasteners for installation of road signs and traffic signals, provides for convenient installation / replacement of characters and other elements.

The square shape of the rack and allow to exclude special bracket plate turns around the axis of the strut and moving vertically and horizontally (ie, in all directions), which makes the rack windproof. Quality production and processing design will allow for a long time to maintain proper form.

Perforation allows you to install signs at a certain height and not less than two meters, and also to keep a uniform level on both sides of the road.


  • Profile: 100x100
  • Height: 6 to 8.5 m
  • Reach for the light from 2 m to 4
  • Temperature range: -35C to +50 C
  • LED brightness: adjustable
  • Housing: galvanized steel, aluminum, Paint


Price:125 000 RUB