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Ground radar radar “COMP-RADAR”

About product

Radar “Comp RADAR” (radar signal simulator) emits a radio signal at a frequency of 24.15 GHz, which triggers the set in the car “trap warning” detector and encourages the driver to observe traffic regulations. Recommended installation of road radar “COMP-RADAR” ( “simulator”) near schools, hospitals and other children’s, educational and medical institutions, on the dangerous road narrowing the entrances to bridges and tunnels, stations before the dangerous turns and areas of roadworks.


Building "Comp RADAR" is made of corrosion-resistant materials, has a uniform smooth surface is made of polycarbonate or other composite materials with similar characteristics.
Radar unit:
Operating frequency: 24,15GGts
Dimensions: 300 * 150 * 146 mm
Measurement range: up to 300m
range of measured speeds: 20-300km / h
discreteness speed threshold: 1,0km / h
Maximum radar power consumption (during measurement) : 2.5W
measurement frequency: 0.25-0.5 seconds.
Mezhproverochny interval: 2 years
Temperature range: -40 to +50 g. C.
Protection road radar "Comp RADAR" from the environment is not lower than IP 56 according to GOST 14254.


Price:33 500 RUB