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Complex “Scoreboard speed” and “radar simulator”

About product

Complex “radar simulator” and “Display speed” represent a construct consisting of the bulletin board “Your speed” radar velocity meter and a tripod pedestal.

Radar “radar simulator” emits a radio signal at a frequency of 24.15 GHz, which triggers the set in the car “trap warning” detector and encourages drivers to observe traffic rules.

The speed sensor in the bulletin board is fast operation with a decrease of the signal processing time is almost 2 times, and a small reduction in the range. The release rate is the fastest and / or most near purpose of the group. Preparation of two variables with one metering can more accurately estimate the traffic situation in the transport stream.


  • before pedestrian crossings; 
  • reconstruction of objects and repair of trails; 
  • on particularly dangerous stretches of road; 
  • to hazardous road narrowings; 
  • entrance to the bridge and tunnels; 
  • areas to dangerous turns; 
  • In areas of roadworks.


Price:203 000 RUB