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Backlight crosswalk “COMP-LIGHT”

About product

Lamp LED “COMP-LIGHT” designed to illuminate crosswalks.

Lamp LED “COMP-LIGHT” is recommended to install a road sign with the internal illumination of the road segments, requiring the highest concentration of drivers; on roads with a high traffic volume; as well as in places where there are no other devices that regulate the traffic (for example, in zones unregulated pedestrian crossings, in places of production of road repairs near the child care centers, as well as on the road sections with increased risk).

Due to the spherical shape of the body placed on it with high-brightness LEDs provide illumination of a pedestrian crossing on a two-lane to the curb or sidewalk, “COMP-LIGHT” allows participants to identify pedestrian traffic for a few hundred meters.

“COMP-LIGHT” includes the following main elements:

– white LEDs arranged in the housing;

– the power supply of 220V;

– attachment to the “L” shaped rack road sign.


STO 521000-023-2014

Temperature range: -35 C to +50 C

Degree of protection: IP67

LED brightness: 205 lm

Power: 35 W

Housing: galvanized steel, powder paint gray


Price:18 500 RUB